Improve Your Portraits with These Digital Photography Tricks

Portraits can be improved greatly with just a few simple adjustments.

One way to improve a portrait is to have the subject tilt their head to the side. Even better yet, have them rotate their body to the side and then look at the camera. Straight on views tend to look flat and the angle of their body will give more depth to the picture.

Another digital photography trick that can improve your photography is putting the model at ease. If you know the model, try and talk about things before you get shooting. Don’t just walk up and start clicking pictures. If you the model is more relaxed, they will appear less rigid and more natural. You can also take this time to review your surroundings to come up with some great backdrops or poses for the picture.

One of the great digital photography tricks that will add an “angelic” effect to your pictures is to have the model positioned so that light from the sun is hitting their back. If you are positioned correctly, their hair should light up from behind. This does take some planning, because the sun needs to be at the correct location. This technique won’t work if it’s directly overhead.

Also, if you want your models to look slimmer, get above them. Never take a portrait from below if your model is concerned with looking overweight. If you are lower than the model’s head, when they look down, it could create a double chin.

If you are trying to get more of the models personality into the photo, take pictures with objects that they identify with. Do they play an instrument, what about a sport. Add objects to have more detail about the person. It makes it more personal.

Lastly, change your point of view. (This is good for just about any photograph) Get directly above them. Zoom in where you only see a portion of their face. Any way to add interest, by taking a picture that is not a usual pose. I know it sounds cliché, but think outside the box!

Use some or all of these digital photography tricks to improve your next portrait shoot!

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