Want to Know Some Easy Digital Photography Tricks?

Do you want to take better photographs? What if I could teach you some very simple digital photography tricks?

After purchasing my first digital SLR camera, I took hundreds of pictures, but found that I had no digital photography technique. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

My father had a Minolta 101 and always had it out for special occasions. My grandfather would send out Christmas Cards that he and my great uncle would make with pictures of the family on them. Those were produced in a darkroom, not at the local photo-mat.

Photographs, over the years, have created a lot of memories. When I had my child, we couldn’t take enough. I have boxes and boxes of photos.

But, even after all of the pictures I have taken, probably thousands with at least a dozen different cameras, my skills in digital photography technique were lacking. I wanted to learn some digital photography tricks to take better pictures!

So, nine months ago, I decided to do something about it. I took a few classes, read some books and magazines. What I found out was that with some simple digital photography tricks and ideas, a photograph could go from okay to great.

I then thought, why keep all of this to myself? I want to share these ideas and help more people learn how to improve their digital photography technique. So, below are some simple ideas to help you take better pictures.

I have also included some ideas on where you can get more information. I believe that the learning process never ends.

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